Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Dustin & Tasha

Dustin & Tasha

Dustin is my big brother and I have done a few shoots for these two. I wish I had a sibling that was a photographer! HAHA Nah, there would be too much competition! Anyways, I was sooo in love with the colors that mother nature blessed central Alberta with so naturally all I wanted to do was a photo shoot. We were all at the farm (my parents place on nelson lake, just east of Ponoka) and we walked around the property and the neighbours property to take some pics. Luckily we got the timing right and the sun was just going down (I love how sometimes things just work out perfectly!) Not only was it sunset, it was a super amazing sunset! If you can imagine my delight when the sun blasted a deep yellow/orange cast over the sky! Yep I squealed, did my little happy dance and smiled ear to ear. NERD..... I know I'm not the only one HAHA
Well this was the finished product! If I could live in a place that all the colors were like this year round I would move there immediately. I LOVE COLOR!!! Hope you enjoy :)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Ameilya & Rob

Ameilya & Rob Engagement In Canmore

In September I met Ameilya and Rob in Canmore and we walked/drove to different locations in the area to get some really fantastic engagement photos. I am so in love with the mountains! The fall colors were just beautiful and the weather was not bad at all. I went to high school with Ameilya so when she contacted me I was so ecstatic! I was really excited to meet her Fiance, Rob, he was such a nice guy! I love that these two are so cute and fun to work with. The red pants made my day! I love it when people express who they are in photos so that every shoot is different and I can show how diverse every wedding or engagement session can be.

Ameilya and Rob plan to marry in October 2012 in Calgary. Can`t wait to see how the spectacular everything will be on their wedding day :)